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The KA Podcast (short for Kitchen Academic) is a bi-monthly podcast designed to, well, basically, be my outlet on all things culinary.
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Nov 1, 2015

First off, Happy Halloween to all! Hopefully it was full of fun, candy and for you adults out there, maybe a little something stiffer than candy...Anyway, this episode goes into a couple of my memories and thoughts of Halloween, as well as my end of year goal for 2015. Also, just a little bit of what i was up to in Chicago. Thanks for listening!

Oct 18, 2015

So in this episode, i get away from the gloomy stuff with my job resignation and focus on some interesting stories that i got from the food world recently. We'll talk about some scientists view food's evolution, what food in motion triggers in you subconsciously, how McD's is doing with the all-day breakfast idea and why i'm going to be traveling to Chicago.

Oct 2, 2015

To those that regularly follow the podcast, you will note that there was no episode released on September 15th. There's a good reason for that; i resigned from my job. But not in the typical way. I talk about that and a little more in today's episode.

Sep 6, 2015

I'm back from my time in Kansas City for the ANFP! In today's podcast, i want to reflect on what i learned while i was down there, a few funny things i noticed, and just my reflecting on the experience. Also, i'll spend the other half of this episode venting on a recently released video showcasing exactly why i believe that the customer is not always right. 

Aug 16, 2015

I'll be honest, the last week or so has not been the greatest for me, personally, but regardless! The show must go on! Today's topics include...

  • How to cook your way to success, according to CNBC.
  • How Instagraming food pictures in Germany can get you arrested.
  • How to maximize your Chipotle burrito.
  • Is culinary school really worth it?
Aug 1, 2015

Since the last podcast, things have been moving very, very fast in the food world. There are things you now have to pay attention to. Join the discussion on...

  • Former CEO of Peanut Corporation of America get recommended sentence of life in prision for allegedly selling salmonella tainted peanut butter.  
  • New York state's continuing story about it's legislation to increase fast food workers' minimum to 15.00/hr as well as...
  • The reaction from Nigel Travis, CEO of Dunkin' Brands
  • And is the customer really, really always right?
Jul 20, 2015

I'll explain what is wrong with, what happened, what happens with the site now and when to expect a resolution.

Jul 12, 2015

The last 15 days have provided us with a few new things that have been happening in the food world including...

  • How Whole Foods landed themselves into hot water overcharging consumers and what people are saying now.
  • Jared Fogle, Subway's sucess story, is detained and the company breaks ties with him.
  • Discussing how both customers and businesses need to break away from discriminating tattooed workers.
  • Science shows gluten-free diets may not necessarily be the best for losing weight.
  • And would you drink a milkshake made from crickets?
Jul 1, 2015

In this initial podcast, we'll go over the show schedule, show structure and what i hope to have happen with this little project! But we'll also talk about...

  • The ACSI's customer satisfaction index and, as definied by you, the best 5 and worst 5 fast food restaurants in the states. Plus i throw in a story i had at a popular one.
  • SYSCO and US Foods' aborted merger and what it could've meant for you as a consumer.
  • The New York Wage Board votes unanimously to increase foodservice workers pay rate.
  • Using cooking as stress relief.
  • And would you name your child a specific dish for 10K?